How to make a grip for GPD WIN in English (Hand made GPD WIN Grip)

GPD win

 How to make a grip for GPD WIN.


The following text

I process the grip below.

*Notice The grip above is unavailable now.Please select this grip below instead of it. 

Before processing

About 5mm over like above.

*Required tools*
・Phillips Screw driver(4mm)


・Ballpoint pen


・Metal files

*If you need it*
・Pin Vise(If you have Shock driver, use it.)

I use this when I make holes for waste heat through the grip back.
But,It’s up to you to choose what you make holes or not.

*Necessary materials*
・Rubber Sheetings (longitudinal/lateral over 10cm×10cm, thickness 0.5cm/0.25inch)

・Self tapping screws (M2,12mm)×4pieces

First of all、Take off the screws with screw driver.

Take off the seals made by a sponge.
Cut the edges to flatten the red circled points with nippers.

*Please be careful not to cut the bases for screw.*
File rust off the edges.

Take the mold of upper parts on Rubber sheeting with Ballpoint pen.
Then,cut the Rubber along the line with cutter.

Cut the blue area with nippers.

File rust off the edges.

Make holes for waste heat through the grip back with tools like above.

Assemble all the parts except blue colored parts.


Have a try it!